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  • 12V No-load current 0.92A, Stall current 2.6A without load 10,000rpm, load 8800rpm
  • 24V No load current 1.46A, in the current rack 2.9A, without load 20,000rpm., load 17,600rpm.
  • Motor step height: 4.5mm
  • Motor step diameter: 17.5mm
  • Out shaft length: 16mm (axis length above step level) (this is 5mm in the new stock)
  • Shaft diameter: 3mm
  • Motor diameter: 42mm
  • Motor length: 66.5mm
  • Motor tail step height: About 4.5mm
  • Motor tail shaft length: About 6.5mm
  • Mounting hole pitch: Approx. 29mm
  • Mounting hole diameter: M4 screw



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