12V DC Multi function Self-lock Relay PLC Cycle Timer Module Delay Time Switch(pre order)


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ඔබ ඇණවුම ලබා දුන් පසු, වැඩ කරන දින 10-14 තුළ අපට ආනයනය කළ හැකිය.

Module interface :

Module control terminal: 3-wire interface, all interfaces are terminal, user-friendly

1, DC +: DC power positive (with 5V, 12V and 24V modules to choose from)

2, DC-: negative DC power supply

3, CH1: input detection interfaces, active high

Relay outputs: 3-wire interface, all interfaces are terminals

1, NO: normally open relay interface, the relay before the vacant after short pull with COM1

2, COM: Common Interface Relays

3, NC: normally closed relay interface COM1 relay shorted before and after the pull-vacant

Load capacity: normally open port maximum load capacity: DC 0-30V/10A, AC 0-250V/10A

NC port maximum load capacity: DC 0-28V/10A, AC 0-125V/10A

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