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  • 200 steps per revolution, 1.8 degrees
  • Coil #1: Red (A+) and Blue (A-). Coil # 2 Green (B+) & Black (B-)
  • Two-pole motor, requires 2 H-bridges
  • Dimension: 42mm / 1.65″ square body
  • Body Length: 40mm
  • Mounting: 31mm / 1.22 square mounting holes, 3mm metric screws(M3)
  • Drive shaft diameter 5mm, 23.5 mm long, with a machined flat surface
  • Nominal voltage 12V (you can use a lower voltage, but the torque will drop) with current 1.7A max
    Torque 4kg*cm
  • Holding Torque: 40N.cm (56oz.in)
  • Rated Current/phase: 1.7A
  • Phase Resistance: 1.5Ohm±10%
  • Insulation Resistance: 100MΩ¸ Min, 500VDC
  • Insulation Strength: 500VAC for one minute
  • Sold with a connection cable with 2.54mm pitch female dupont end

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