300W Air-Cooled Heavy 2.1 Subwoofer Power Amplifier Board


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ඔබ ඇණවුම ලබා දුන් පසු, වැඩ කරන දින 10-14 තුළ අපට ආනයනය කළ හැකිය.

  • The circuit uses a total of 6 disassembly amplifier tubes, four of which are responsible for the left and right channels, and two are connected to the BTL circuit for ultra-bass use
  • Board material: Five ring 1% metal film resistance, large filter capacitor
  • The whole circuit board design is reasonable, beautiful and generous, noise is small, cost-effective, very suitable for DIY entry
  • The potentiometers are from left to right: treble adjustment, ultra-bass volume, and total volume
  • Operating voltage: AC double 18-22V (recommended double 22V)
  • Maximum output power: Left and Right channel 100W*2, subwoofer 120W*1
  • Output impedance: 4-16
  • Size: 14.3*13.2*5.9cm
  • 1 month warranty
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