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  • We give only RED color 3D-printed items (අපි ලබා දෙන්නේ රතු පාට 3D මුද්‍රිත අයිතම පමණි)
  • Requires
    • 2*Nema 17 Stepper Motors
    • 2*Linear bearing rod M8*450mm, X Axis
    • 2*Linear bearing rod M8*350mm, Y axis
    • 2*Linear rod M3*75mm, Z Axis (not available with us)
    • 1*M8*480mm threaded rod (5/16″*18.75″ will also work)
    • 8*LM8UU linear bearings or printed bearings
    • 1*SG90 Servo
    • 2*GT2 Pulley 16 teeth
    • 5*Bearing 624zz
    • 1*2000mm GT2 belt
  • Package doesn’t contain electronics, shafts and motors
  • Made in Sri Lanka


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