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This is a robot measuring 4 inches wide and 4 inches tall and is based on the Arduino Pro Mini development board and the MPU6050 accelerometer-gyroscope module.

  • We give only 3D-printed items (අපි ලබා දෙන්නේ 3D මුද්‍රිත අයිතම පමණි)
  • Requires
    • Arduino Pro Mini
    • GY-521 module with MPU-6050
    • DRV8825 motor driver
    • 2, 5V boost converter
    • Ultrasonic distance sensor
    • 18650 battery and holder
    • Pair of micro metal gear motors (N20, 6V, 200 rpm) and brackets
    • Pair of D-axis 43mm Rubber Tire Wheels for N20 Gear Motor
    • 3, Double-sided prototype PCB (4cm*6cm)
    • 25cm Nylon spacers
    • 4, nylon nuts
    • Apart from the above, you will need some cables, berg connectors and one on/off switch
  • Package doesn’t contain electronics, wheels and motors
  • Made in Sri Lanka

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