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ඔබ ඇණවුම ලබා දුන් පසු, වැඩ කරන දින 10-14 තුළ අපට ආනයනය කළ හැකිය.

Cable Specifications
● Center Conductor – Full Copper (OFC – Oxygen Fee Copper)
● Impedance – 75 Ohm
● Shield – 60% Braid 100% (OFC – Oxygen Fee Copper)
● Foil – Polyester/Aluminum Fusible Shielding
● Jacket – PVC Jacket
● UV resistant for indoor & outdoor use
● Length – 90 meters roll
● Color – Black
● Foot Markings
● Package PE film packing (Polyethylene cover)
● Brand – Red & Green Brand

5C2V is commonly used as a high end coaxial cable for transferring satellite TV, domestic TV signals & CCTV. High end antenna wires in Sri Lanka mainly consist of 5C2V, 5C2V is also heavily used in connecting CCTV in Sri Lanka. As one of the main retail & wholesale cable suppliers in Sri Lanka we provide the cost effective Red & Green brand cables island wide. Most common tv antennas use 5C2V as tv coaxial cable. This cabe works with all digital antennas. Most outdoor coaxial cables in sri lanka use 5C2V standard.

Red and Green Brand 5c2v coaxial cables are made with a two conductor cables (electrical) consisting of center conductor and an outer conductor. The spacer between the two cables are separated with insulating. If you are working on a home or office installation of antennas you should use a 5c2v coaxial cable. Red and green brand cables yields excellent high performance in low and high frequencies Red and green brand cables have superior EMI control and shielding. Red and Green Brand Sri Lanka cables are mainly used for video signal applications such as antenna systems in Sri Lanka. For this purpose impedance value is 75 Ohms.

We are one of the primary coaxial cable wholesale suppliers in sri lanka. We sell wholesale coaxial cables in electronic shops in pettah (Kumarasinghe Radio Institute). You can buy wholesale coaxial cables from our online shopping site in sri lanka. We are also one of the main importers in sri lanka who imports various coaxial cables and we offer a lots of useful coaxial cable parts such as connectors and accessories. We even offer our bulk coax cables in Sri Lanka for convenient pull boxes for easy access during large jobs. Our cables are commonly used to run wiring through walls for security applications.

Product ID 5c2v coaxial cable 75 ohm Sri lanka

5C2V (Full Copper), 100 yd Reel ( Pre Order )
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