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ඔබ ඇණවුම ලබා දුන් පසු, වැඩ කරන දින 10-14 තුළ අපට ආනයනය කළ හැකිය.

  • Splits the TV signal to 3 Amplified outputs for 3 TVs
  • UHF VHF FM Amplifier for TV, HDTV, LED / LCD TV
  • Allow weaker signals form the antenna to be amplified to a viewable strength
  • UHF VHF FM Amplifier is perfect for indoor and out door TV antennas. 
  • Works with all HDTV digital television broadcasts, standard television broadcasts and HD FM.
  • This antenna booster is a high gain which reduce noise, pixilation,  and creates clear pictures. 
  • Works with batapola antennas (tv signal amp)
  • This professional-grade TV antenna amplifier designed to work with any television antenna to boost signal strength and quality.For multiple televisions install the booster near the antenna line splitter, Install close proximity to antenna

    This signal Amplifier only improves a signal in Sri Lanka that is already present but it may increase the number of channels received by the antenna. If you don’t get certain channels you need a powerful antenna. 

    If you are using  a batapola antenna or UHF VHF antenna this works as a hdtv booster antenna amplifier or uhf vhf antenna signal booster for any area of Sri Lanka. 

    This Amplifier works with all the UHF VHF cable type antennas as a cable antenna booster or tv signal enhancer. Because this amplifier is a high powered tv antenna booster you will receive low noice, clear quality picture. 

    Product ID Antenna Amplifier & 3 Way Splitter Sri lanka

Antenna Amplifier & 3 Way Splitter ( Pre Order )
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