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Dagaya 1.0 makes it easy to control two bidirectional, high-power, brushed DC motors with any microcontroller or any other development board. The board includes 1 robust VNH5019 motor driver from ST(VNH5019A-E datasheet), which is operating from 5.5 to 24 V and having the capability to deliver a continuous 12 A (30 A peak) per channel.

The VHN5019A-E is a full bridge motor driver intended for a wide range of automotive applications. The device incorporates a dual monolithic high-side drivers and two low-side switches. The high-side driver switch is designed using STMicroelectronics’ well known and proven proprietary VIPower® M0 technology that allows to efficiently integrate on the same die a true motor driver..


  • PCB Size : 60 mm x 42 mm
  • Wide range of operational voltage : 5.5V – 24 V
  • High output current : up to 12 A continuous (30 A maximum) per Channel
  • Its is possible to combine the Outputs to a single channel to deliver up to 24 A continuous (60 A Maximum) to a single motor.
  • Inputs : Both 5V and 3.3V Supported (logic high threshold : 2.1 V)
  • PWM operation frequency :  up to 20 kHz,
  • Current sense voltage output : approx. 140 mV/A ( proportional to motor current )
  • Can be used with any microcontroller or other platform (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PIC Microcontrollers Etc)
  • Reverse-voltage protection :  to -16 V
  • Robust drivers
  • Can survive input voltages up to 41 V
  • Under voltage and over voltage shutdown
  • High-side and low-side thermal shutdown
  • Short-to-ground and short-to-Vcc protection
  • Cross-conduction protection
  • Charge pump output for reverse polarity protection


Dagaya 1.0 – VNH5019 Based Singular Motor Driver (1 Channel)
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