Here are some basic desoldering instructions:

  1. Heat your soldering iron. Push down on the plunger until it clicks to arm the soldering iron.
  2. Clean your soldering tip. Place the soldering tip on the side of the old joint. Apply some fresh solder on the old joint to help the old solder soften.
  3. Set the plunger on the solder sucker. Place the tip of the solder sucker on the old joint as close as possible to the soldering tip.
  4. Release the plunger by pressing the button.
  5. Repeat until much of the old solder is gone.
  6. If any of the old solder is left in PCB holes, you can heat the old joint again and using the soldering tip on one side and a miniature flat screwdriver on the other, gently rock the joint back and forth lightly to loosen up the tiny leads on the components.
  7. You may need to repeat this process again when there is a stubborn joint.
  8. Remove your component carefully; taking care to not damage the board.

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