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The BFD-1000 is specially designed for black (white) line search. It is especially suitable for the detection of complex black and white lines and cross black and white lines. It has 6 high-sensitivity infrared sensors (5-way inspection line, 1 way barrier). It can accurately identify black and white lines, and it has the following functions and features:
1. BFD-1000 integrates 5-channel high-sensitivity tracking sensor, which has little impact on the environment and can accurately track complex black lines (white lines), which is more convenient for simple black line tracking.
2. BFD-1000 integrates an infrared barrier sensor, and the obstacle distance can be adjusted by sliding varistor.
3. The BFD-1000 has a specially designed touch detection sensor that makes the design of the shuttle robot easier.
4. The BFD-1000 output signals are all digital signals (high and low levels), which are convenient to connect with the microcontroller.
5. BFD-1000 All sensor output states have LED lights as instructions for easy debugging.
6. The BFD-1000 supports a voltage of 3.0-5.5v to meet most system requirements.
7. With high sensitivity sensor, the tracking range can be any change between 0.5mm-40mm without any adjustment.

Technical Parameters:
Detection distance: 0-4cm (black and white line sensor) 0-5cm (distance detection adjustable)
Input voltage: 3.0-5.5V
Output form: digital output (high and low level)

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