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1. Description:

The MP3_Decoding module is designed by using GPD2856C decoding and playing chip. Products take full account of the industry product design simplicity, cost, structural installation, anti-interference, reliability, sound quality and other requirements.
Particularly suitable for engineers to design products, increase MP3 audio / voice playback features, simple interface, simple control, a wide range of applications, sound quality.

2. Function and features:

1>. Input voltage range 3.7V-5V
2>. Supports MP3 playback formats
3>. Play automatically on power
4>. Cycle play with memory function, the next time after power, continue to play from the last track re play
5>. Play with LED indicator light

3. Interface description:

1>. GND: Negative power supply

2>. VCC: Positive power supply

3>. SP-: Speaker interface

4>. SP+: Speaker interface

4. Use Instructions:

1>. Access power. When the LED light starts flashing, the module starts to function properly. Board, there are 3 groups of touch button, S2 button for play pause key, S1 button short press for upper button, long press for volume reduction, S3 button short press down button, long press for volume increase.

2>. If you need your own modified U disk player, you can press the following modifications: U disk interface pins of the first pin connected to the cathode, second feet, third feet are respectively connected with the main control chip of eleventh feet and twelfth feet, fourth feet connected with the cathode, when you change the U player should use the USB 5V power supply because some old, U disk support only 5V power supply, 3.7V does not support the voltage of lithium battery,
So when the lithium battery power supply, resulting in U disk can not play, the new U disk as long as the support 3.7V power supply, you can play normally.

3>. Module with 2W single channel amplifier, 5V power supply, the maximum output power 3W (Recommended with 4 European 3W plug-in small speakers on the small horn, the sound will be quality and loud.)
If you feel the volume is not big enough, you can change the 4 Euro 5 Watt horn directly. For 4 Euro 5 Watt speakers, pay attention to the power amplifier chip, it is best to add heat sink.

4>. If when the power amplifier playing music, chip will have fever phenomenon, power amplifier chip or power amplifier tube heating phenomenon is normal, as long as not to drive amplifier volume output short-circuit horn (0 ohm resistance amplifier chip is not burn). You can use it safely.

5>. If there is a need to do this module before the amplifier level, do not need this board of power amplifier, want to meet their own power amplifier, you can modify as follows:
The power amplifier chip can be removed from the board (8 foot chip), and then from the main control fourth feet and sixth feet (two feet is the main control chip, the left and right channel output) in series with a 104 (or 224) input capacitor to power amplifier (capacitor isolation effect, to prevent the same a power supply level before burning the main chip or late power amplifier), and access the remaining line from the negative pole to the Common end of the power amplifier input.

6>. If you need to use this module into a headset to listen to music, you can remove the power amplifier chip board (8 foot chip), and then from the master of the fourth feet and sixth feet, the series a 104 (or 224) channel about the capacitor to the headset, and access the remaining line from the negative pole to the Common end of the power amplifier input.

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