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This product adopts the most advanced imported internal sensor and circuit, when pedestrians into the sensing range light will start automatically. (light on), when they leave light will delay and shut down automatically.

  • Super saving electricity, power consumption
  • Wide working voltage, normally working in100V-250V
  • Large power, impedance biggest load can reach 200W
  • Non-contact, simple installation(single wire system,just like ordinary switch connection)
  • Can’t delay time
  • Sensitivity can’t adjustable
  • Lightning protection, strong anti-jamming capacity, more safe and reliable


  • Working power: AC 100V~250V 50/60Hz
  • Load power: LED≤40W, Energy saving≤80W, Incandescent≤200W, Fan≤50W
  • Standby power: 0.0088W
  • Illumination: 5Lux~5000Lux
  • Sensor distance: 6~10m
  • Sensor angle: 110~140 degrees


  • Corridor、toilet、basement、 warehouse、garage 、and other places of automatic lighting, exhaust fan convulsions and other automatic control electrical, can be used for security purposes at the same time.


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