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Matching Ferrite core is an electronic component which has two holes for binding matching coil. Most ferrite core in Sri Lanka is made of ferromagnetic materials. It works as an RF choke when connected to a current which makes it a reliable RF shield as well as a RF decoupling device. Low electrical conductivity in ferrite ring core prevent eddy currents. Small ferrite rod cores or small ferrite cores have low losses when high frequencies are passed which makes it idea for RF transformers such as antennas and tv receivers. Ferrite ring core in Sri Lanka are made using ceramic compounds which has oxygenated transition metals. This gives the ferrite cores its nonconductive ferrimagnetic characteristics. Ferrite core in Sri Lanka mainly used for creating electric transformers (antenna) circuits combined with windings. It is also commonly known as Balun Core, Matching Ferrite Core, ferrite ring core and round ferrite core. In Sri Lanka most ferrite core are used for dc power circuits. Our ferrite e cores and cable ferrite in Sri Lanka have low frequency which makes it perfect for dc power circuits.
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