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Receiving Board parameters

  • Operating Voltage: DC 12V
  • Operating Frequency: 315MHz
  • Receiver Sensitivity: >-105dB
  • Maximum Load: 10A 250V AC /10 A 30V DC
  • Encoding Type: Learning code
  • Board Size: 34mm*31mm*18mm
  • About 30g


Remote control parameters

  • Operating voltage: 12V (12V 23A battery)
  • Frequency: 315MHz
  • Encoding Type: Fixed code
  • Firing Range: 100m (open) in theory, 15%-30% in reality
  • Size: 35*55*13mm
  • Shock resistance: 4.7M
  • Battery for transmitter: 23A 12V

Note: Price is for single unit

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