Temperature and humidity transmitter SHT20 RS485 sensor high-precision monitoring Modbus RTU Protocol XY-MD02 ( Pre Order )


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SHT20 RS485 Temperature Sensor XY-MD02


1>.Support MODBUS RTU protocol

2>.RS485 supports 1000 meters communication

3>.Standard DIN35 mounting rails

4>.High precision

5>.Industrial products, high progress SHT20 temperature and humidity sensor, the RS485 communication

6>.Standard MODBUS protocol and ordinary protocol, the user can choose communication protocol

7>.Baud rate can decide for themselves

8>.General agreement with automatic upload function, upload speed can decide for themselves


1>.Product Name:Modbus RTU RS485 SHT20 Temperature Humidity Transmitter

2>.Product Number:XY-MD02

3>.Working Voltage:DC 5V~30V

4>.Output signal:RS485 signal

5>.Communication protocol:Modbus RTU and ordinary protocol

6>.Communication address:1~247(default 1)

7>.Temperature Range:-40℃~60℃

8>.Temperature Precision:+/-0.5℃

9>.Temperature Resolution:0.1℃

10>.Humidity Range:0%RH~80%RH

11>.Humidity Precision:+/-3%RH

12>.Humidity Resolution:0.1%RH


14>.Work Temperature:-40℃~85℃

15>.Work Humidity:0%~95%RH


4.Using Steps:

1>.Connect signal receiver such as for to RS485 terminal.

2>.Input power supply at power terminal.

3>.According to the acquired data, the data is processed differently according to actual needs.


1>.Users need to prepare their own ModBus debugging tool and RS485 debugger.

2>.Users needs to complete write code according to the communication protocol and commands if using the controller to receive data.


1>.Factory Detect

2>.Equipment box Detect

3>.Environmental test

4>.Home security



1>.1pc Modbus RTU RS485 SHT20 Temperature Humidity Transmitter;

8.Details pictures:


SHT20 RS485 Temperature Sensor XY-MD02
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