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ඔබ ඇණවුම ලබා දුන් පසු, වැඩ කරන දින 10-14 තුළ අපට ආනයනය කළ හැකිය.

● TV Plug for RG Cables
● Suitable for Cables with 6.5mm Outer Diameter
● Twist to lock
● Durable
● Color – Red, Green, Black
● For wholesale – 50 Pack
● Brand – Red & Green

Red & Green Brand TV Ariel Plugs & Connectors are one of the highest selling connectors in Sri Lanka
Red & Green Brand, TV Ariel Plugs & Connectors are Manufactured by KRI (Kumarasinghe Radio Institute)

TV Aerial plug (YK-1439) ( Pre Order )
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