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  • One input of VGA signals, one output of VGA signals
  • One output of Video, one output of S Video
  • One ACPI of 5V
  • Resolutions of VGA signals: 640×[email protected]/72/75/75HZ,800×[email protected]/75Hz,1024×[email protected]/75Hz,1280×[email protected]
  • At the same time, output the VGA VideoS-Video signals
  • Show simultaneously pictures on the monitor and TV
  • Support Systems: The TV systems of NTSC (Taiwan and USA), NTSC-EIAJ(Japan), PAL (Euro, China), PAL-M(Brazil), PAL-N (Uruguay Paraguay)
  • Support the OVERSCAN and UNDERSCAN display mode
  • Convenient to carry because it is light, thin, short and small



  • Dimensions: 100mm(length) x56mm(width)x36mm(height)
  • Net weight: Approx. 65g

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