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  • Brand Name: SZFYDOSH
  • Output: Digital Sensor


XGZP series is a pressure sensor suitable for biomedical , meteorology and other fields , the core part is the use of a MEMS pressure sensor chip processing technology. The pressure sensor chip is made by an elastic membrane and integrated in four film resistor composition . Four varistor forming a Wheatstone bridge structure, when pressure is applied to the elastic film will have a bridge to the applied pressure into a voltage output signal linearly proportional relationship.

Product Features:

  • Measuring Range -100kPa ~ 20kPa … 700kPa
  • MEMS technology
  • Gauge form
  • SOP or DIP package
  • For non- corrosive gases or liquids
  • Operating temperature range : -40 ° ~ + 125 °C
  • Chip back pressure chamber pressure
  • Pin direction selectable



  • Electronic sphygmomanometer, oxygen machines, alcohol testers, monitors and other medical fields
  • Automotive electronics tire pressure, MAP sensors
  • Massage, massage chairs, air beds and other areas of sports and fitness equipment
  • Art washing machines, beer, coffee machines, emergency lights, vacuum cleaners, pneumatic components, etc.

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