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Digital Display Temperature Controller XH-W3001 220V


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  • Temperature measuring range: -50 ~ 110C
  • Temperature control range: -50 ~ 110C
  • Temperature measurement accuracy: below 0.2 degrees
  • Temperature control accuracy: 0.1 degrees
  • Input measurement: NTC10K probe L = approx. 1 meter waterproof
  • Input power: 220VAC
  • Output power: 220VAC
  • Appearance size: 60x45x31mm

How to use

  1. Press the UP button to show start temperature value
  2. Long press the UP button to set START temperature value
  3. Use the UP or DOWN button to set the value
  4. Long press the DOWN button to set STOP temperature value
  5. Use the UP or Down button to set the value

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