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  • Onboard Complex Frequency Decoder IC MT8870DS
  • Onboard 5 LED indicators for easy viewing output state
  • DC Power Supply Voltage:5V(4.5V-5.5V)
  • Operating Temperature: -40- 85 °C
  • IO Drive: Current Maximum 10mA
  • PCB Size: 25.4×25.4mm
  • This decoding module is for mobile and fixed telephone voice dialing decoding function
  • Designed specifically for ARDUINO Board. Also use for other MCU (AVR PIC MSP430 STM32 ARM7/9/10/11 FPGA/CPLD)
  • Does not require any wiring, can be inserted directly into the UNO/MEGA2560/DUE board to use
  • 12 Digital outputs decode mobile and fixed telephone keys (0-9, * #). Another 4 Digital output(ABCD) can use “DTMF Dial” Software control
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