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ඔබ ඇණවුම ලබා දුන් පසු, වැඩ කරන දින 10-14 තුළ අපට ආනයනය කළ හැකිය.

Upgrades from 75-Ohm coaxial signal to a 300-Ohm signal. Antenna matching transformer also known as antenna VHF/UHF matching transformer in Sri Lanka is used as a part for for antenna booster circuit. Antenna matching transformer carries solid signal across devices. Our matching transformer for tv antenna is made with weather resistant shielding, if moisture gets in the booster box, it will not effect the transformer. Our antenna transformer is designed to ensure the highest performance and impedance match for areas in sri lanka where the tv signals are severely low. We use high quality materials such as high gage matching coil for solid signal and ur transformer works with most HD UHF VHF Antennas boosters in Sri Lanka. Kumarasinghe Radio Institute manufactured antenna matching transformer or commonly known as uhf vhf transformer in Sri Lanka for over 45 years and has led the antenna industry with durable high performance transformer designs for antenna manufactures. Note that our transformers works as outdoor antenna transformer for any circuits.

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