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Micro Gear Pump DC3-12V RS-360SH Mini Oil Pumps Self-priming Aquarium Water Pumping Motor


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  • Voltage : DC3-12V(Red: )
  • Motor diameter : 27mm
  • Pump head diameter : 44mm
  • Total length : 60mm
  • Flow rate : About 1.2 liters / min (5V voltage)
  • Out of the water inlet: 4mm
  • 12V Head : 1.5m
  • Weight : 70g
  • Feature :
    Self-priming pump, positive and negative (changeable outlet)
    Uses for : Car pump, experimental water pump, bonsai rockery, fish tank, notebook cooling water cooling.
  • Note:
    7.5V or more power can not work for a long time. No longer load test time is too long, the other inside the plastic leaves, can not breathe impurities, if the stuck does
    not turn, you can open the front cover, clean about.
    Do not use power : 
    A dry battery, mobile phone charger, video charger and so on. All the actual current
    is less than 1.5A or more than 12V power supply, are not available, there may be
    a pump with no work or burn water pump, etc.
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